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Enlitech: Pioneer in Silicon Photonics and Semiconductor Optoelectronic Chip Testing Techniques

Enlitech Headquarters Luzhu District, Southern Taiwan Science Park
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Enlitech stands strong as a technology innovator and leader in the field of Si Photonics and Photonics semiconductor testing equipment. Founded in 2009 and based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, we boast a global sales and service network, dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to our worldwide clientele. Our core technologies encompass light simulator/illuminator, quantum efficiency spectrum analysis, and wafer-level Photonics semiconductor testing techniques. Leveraging these technologies, we create precise, reliable, and efficient Si Photonics and Photonics chip testing solutions, aiding our customers in elevating the quality, performance, and reliability of their products.

Semiconductor Processing

Our simulated light source and quantum efficiency spectroscopy tools can be applied to various testing stages such as wafer, packaging, and module, assisting semiconductor manufacturers to improve yield rates and enhance production efficiency.

Materials Research.

Our tools can be used for research and development of optical materials, semiconductor materials, and assist researchers in exploring new materials and new technologies.


Our simulator light source and quantum efficiency spectrum analysis tools help in testing aerospace materials and photosensitive devices, aiding manufacturers in enhancing device performance and reliability.


Our tools aid in testing of automotive electronic components, such as onboard cameras and lidars, assisting manufacturers in augmenting the safety, comfort, and performance of vehicles.

Photonics Components

Our tools help in testing various photo-electronic components, aiding manufacturers in enhancing product quality and reliability.

At Enlitech, we're committed to pioneering innovation, consistently amplifying our R&D investment, and developing cutting-edge Si Photonics and Photonics chip testing solutions. Our team comprises experienced engineers with profound technical expertise in Si Photonics and Photonics chip testing. Our dedication also extends to providing superior service to our customers, catering to their varying needs. Our customer service team stands ready to offer technical support and service at all stages of the sales process.

Enlitech's notable contributions include:

  • Assisting leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide in enhancing the quantum efficiency of their Photonics chips, thereby augmenting performance and reliability of devices and chips.
  • Helping semiconductor image sensor design companies speed up chip product design and decision-making through reliable spectral technology analysis, enabling early market entry and successful market share acquisition.
  • Assisting electric vehicle manufacturers in verifying the reliability of image acquisition of their onboard camera modules under outdoor sunlight conditions.
  • Aiding aerospace organizations in improving the accuracy and reliability of their laser ranging systems.


Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) is the only internationally recognized certification unit in Taiwan. TAF certification acknowledges and promotes organizations’ abilities to provide specific types of certification, calibration, testing, inspection, and proficiency testing services through the evaluation of international standards (ISO/IEC 17025). Enlitech has acquired TAF certificate for ISO/IEC 17025, which not only provides calibration services in the field of solar cell spectral response but also ensures that the laboratory’s capabilities are above a certain level. In addition, G-tek continuously improves service quality to provide our customers with more satisfactory service.

Enlitech's official ISO 17025 certification for photometric calibration
Detailed view of Enlitech's ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation for semiconductor photodetector calibration.

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Enlitech upholds integrity and pursues excellence while striving for innovation to provide customers with the best solutions. After establishing the “Enlitech Laboratory,” Enlitech is committed to building an ISO 17025:2005 quality system and obtaining certification for calibration laboratories. In March 2012, Enlitech received ISO/IEC 17025 (TAF) certification in the field of solar cell spectral response/quantum efficiency.

Enlitech not only develops and produces scientific instruments for measurement, but also possesses testing systems for imaging sensors and semiconductors. We offer R&D technology integration solutions and ISO/IEC 17025 (TAF) calibration laboratory certification services.

Our future plans include:

  • Boosting our R&D investment by 50% over the next three years to develop more innovative Si Photonics and Photonics chip testing solutions.
  • Expanding our sales and service network worldwide to better serve our global customers.

With our robust technical prowess, high-quality products and services, and promising development prospects, Enlitech has emerged as a leader in the field of Si Photonics and chip testing. We remain committed to delivering superior products and services to our global customers and fostering the growth of the Si Photonics industry.

Typical applications of silicon photonics and optoelectronic chips are as follows:

ApplicationsSilicon Photonic ChipsOptoelectronic chips
Data CneterV
Fiber Optic NetworkV
Optical CommunicationV
Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)V
Enlitech's official ISO 17025 certification for photometric calibration
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