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News- New Optoelectronic Sensing Research Booming, PD-RS for Photodetector&Photodiode Response Time Characterisation rise/fall time test

Research on optoelectronic devices such as organic photodiode (OPD), quantum dots photodiode (QDPD), perovskite photodiode (PPD), new generation photodiode and avalanche photodiodes (APD) has always been a very popular field. Recently, a team led by Professor Martyniuk from the Polish Military University of Technology and collaborators from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, demonstrated the current status and future development of infrared-based APD. The researchers at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) are developing a strategy to increase the light absorption rate of silicon thin films, using a new photodetector design with micrometer and nanometer structures, whose performance can rival gallium arsenide (GaAs) and other III-V semiconductors. In a breakthrough study, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have demonstrated the potential of new types of photovoltaic nanoparticles to emit strings of identical photons, a finding that could revolutionize the fields of quantum computing and quantum transmission devices. Patrik Sund and a research team at the center of hybrid quantum networks at the University of Copenhagen, and the University of Münster have successfully developed an integrated photonic platform based on a thin film lithium niobate and integrated it with a solid-state single photon source, further promoting the development of photonic quantum computing.

Therefore, detecting and analyzing the photoelectric conversion process of optoelectronic devices (detectors or photovoltaic devices) is of great significance. Based on understanding customer needs, Enlitech has launched the photodetector/photodiode/photoreceiver frequency response tester PD-RS , which has successfully helped customers complete equipment installation cases.

The PD-RS can obtain important parameters of the photoelectric conversion process of optoelectronic devices, including

response time of constant-intensity pulsed lightLDR & responsivity test
-3dB Frequency ResponseRise/Fall time inspection and analysis
TPC/TPV test 

These lead to understand the internal structure and carrier dynamics of optoelectronic devices, and the relationship between material composition, device structure and carrier dynamics. This provides an important reference for evaluating the performance of optoelectronic devices and improving design.

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