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PD-RS Reinstallation! Assisting clients in breaking through cutting-edge, high-speed optoelectronic sensor technology

Different types of optical sensors can be applied in various fields. Organic photodiodes (OPD) are common in flexible electronic products, wearable technology, and thin display screens. Perovskite photodiodes (PPD) are used in high-performance solar cells and highly sensitive image sensors. Quantum dot photodiodes (QDPD) are suitable for biomedical imaging, display technology, and optical communications. New generation photodiodes may pioneer new domains such as quantum computing and optoelectronic devices. In the research process of these optoelectronic components, extensive data measurement is required as a reference for evaluating device characteristics and improving performance.

Enlitech has launched the photodetector/photodiode/photoreceiver frequency response tester PD-RS. The PD-RS can obtain important parameters of the photoelectric conversion process of optoelectronic devices, including

response time of constant-intensity pulsed lightLDR & responsivity test
-3dB Frequency ResponseRise/Fall time inspection and analysis
TPC/TPV test 

These lead to understand the internal structure and carrier dynamics of optoelectronic devices, and the relationship between material composition, device structure and carrier dynamics. We not only provide high-end equipment, but also have a professional team to provide you with full service! We have successfully assisted many customers in completing equipment installation. You can rely on our professional level and service quality. Choose us and let our professional team help you achieve technological breakthroughs!

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