This system is a miniaturized light source utilizing 8-bit current control for accurate and efficient lighting.

This compact, precision-controlled light source enables versatile applications without space limitations, from on-site CIS calibration to portable field measurements. Its portability supports educational use and art preservation, offering precise illumination for diverse needs. This tool transforms industries needing controlled lighting, allowing for efficient operations anywhere.


Table of Contents


  • On-site CIS Calibration: This light source can conveniently calibrate image sensors on site, eliminating the need for large light source equipment.
  • Portable On-site Measurement: Due to its small size and portability, it can be used for on-site photometric, chromatic, and other measurements.
  • Educational Purposes: This light source can be used for teaching, such as physics or optics related experiments.
  • Industrial Lighting: In various industrial applications where lighting control is required, this light source can provide accurate and easy-to-control illumination.


  1. Compact: Ideal for limited spaces.
  2. Precise: Offers accurate illumination control.
  3. Versatile: Fits multiple applications.
  4. Portable: Easy to use anywhere.


Model No. : PTC-P-xxx-S

Uniformity Area:10 mm x 10 mm > 99%

Intensity Range:> 10 uW/cm2

Min. Resolution : 0.05 uW/cm2

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