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CIS/ ALS/Light-Sensor Wafer Tester

Wafer testing for CIS/ALS/photodetectors:

  1. Wafer testing for CIS/ALS/photodetectors
  2. Wafer mapping and yield inspection for CIS/ALS/photodetectors
  3. Testing of ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensors
  4. Testing of LiDAR sensors
  5. Testing of InGaAs PD (Indium Gallium Arsenide Photodiode)
  6. Testing of SPAD (Single-Photon Avalanche Diode) sensors
  7. Parameter testing for photodetectors:Quantum efficiency
    • Spectral response
    • System gain
    • Sensitivity
    • Dynamic range
    • Dark current/noise
    • Signal-to-noise ratio
    • Saturation capacity
    • Linearity error (LE)
    • Dark current non-uniformity (DCNU)
    • Photoresponse non-uniformity (PRNU)


Table of Contents


Provide All You Need in CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer Level Testing.

  • “6S” Commercial wafer grading inspection models:
  • Super-Wide (Wide Spectral Range from UV to SWIR)
  • Super-Uniformity (Uniformity Better Than 98% Over 50mm x 50mm Area)
  • Super-Stable (Stable Light Intensity In-stability < 0.2% over 10hrs)
  • Super-Wide (Wide Range of Temperature from -80°C to 180°C)
  • Super-Low(Ultra-Low Noise for Accurate CIS / ALS / Light-Senser Wafer Testing)
  • The first commercially available image sensor wafer tester with EMVA1288 grading.
  • The only choice for wafer-level CIS efficiency testing, eliminating the need for self-construction and reducing measurement inaccuracies.
  • High integration with automation and semi-automation equipment, providing high flexibility
  • (Automatic wafer loading machine, modular chuck)
  • Integrated software
  • Streamlined operations and accelerated development speed
  • Complete product line
  • Enlitech offers a complete product line that includes the SG-A and SG-O series. These products are designed to be used with the same infrastructure, allowing seamless integration from upstream to downstream processes.
  • Programmable automated detectors
  • Capable of handling 200mm wafer size and single chips larger than 1cm x 1cm
  • Highly uniform light source
  • Capable of providing a continuous white light spectrum ranging from 400nm to 1700nm, as well as monochromatic light output with a certain Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) at various specific wavelengths.
  • Support for ultra-large wafer and chip sizes
  • The detector can handle wafer sizes up to a maximum of 200mm and single chips larger than 1cm x 1cm.
  • Low-noise operation at a wide range of temperatures
  • Equipped with an ultra-low noise thermal chuck, supporting a temperature range from -60°C to 180°C, with rapid heating rates and stability.
  • Integrated equipment and one-stop solutions
  • We provide one-stop solutions for your CIS (CMOS Image Sensor), ALS (Ambient Light Sensor), and photodetector design verification or process yield inspection needs.


Highly Uniform Light Source

Programmable automated detectors Wide temperature range and low-noise chuck
Wide Spectral Range from UV to SWIR Processing capability for wafer or chips ranging from 200mm to 10mm Modular chuck
High uniformity with over 98% homogeneity across an illumination area exceeding 50mm x 50mm Used for highly accurate and reliable DC/CV and RF measurements Wide temperature range of -80°C to 180°C
Ultra-stable light intensity, maintaining instability below 0.2% for over 10 hours. Stable functional microscope system Advanced CDA (Closed-Loop Direct Air) thermal control technology with high ramp rates and temperature stability at high temperatures.
High dynamic range of light intensity, reaching up to 140dB Integrated hardware control panel Ultra-low noise for precise CIS/ALS/photodetector wafer testing

Automatic wafer loading machine


Intelligent wafer mapping


Wafer testing for CIS/ALS/photodetectors Wafer mapping and yield inspection for CIS/ALS/photodetectors
Testing of ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensors Testing of laser radar sensors
Testing of InGaAs PD (Indium Gallium Arsenide Photodiode) Testing of Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensors

Testable items

The simulated parameter testing for optical sensors
Quantum Efficiency Spectral Response
System gain Sensitivity
Dynamic range Dark current/noise
Dark current/noise Saturation capacity
Linearity Error(LE) DCNU(Dark Current Non-Uniformity)
PRNU(Photo Response Non-Uniformity)

Specifications of a Highly Uniform Light Source

Uniform Illumination Area 42mm x 25mm,working distance >200mm
Illuminance Uniformity Exceeding 98%
Short-term Light Instability ≤ 1% surpassing 1 hour
Long-term Light Instability ≤ 1% surpassing 10 hour
Working Distance between DUT and the Final Optical Element ≥200mm working distance
Variable Attenuator PC-controlled 3-decade resolution with a minimum of 1000 steps



SG-O CIS 晶圓級測試儀的光均化器

SG-O CIS 晶圓級測試儀光均化器的光學模擬和性能

光束均勻度, 在 420nm 下用 42mm x 25mm 測試光束點均勻性, 不均勻度為 1% 圖示

光束均勻度, 束斑尺寸為 50mm x 50mm, 不均勻性為 1.43% 圖示

不同波長的單色光強度, 從紫外到近紅外;光強度由 Si 輻照度計測量, 光強度範圍能夠用於各種 CIS / ALS / 光傳感器測試圖示

從 NIR 到 SWIR 不同波長的單色光強度, 光強度由 InGaAs 輻照度計測量圖示

圖示在 420nm 單色光輸出下測試光強度短期不穩定性, 光不穩定性由 Si 輻照度計監測 60 分鐘, 1小時的不穩定性為 0.12%

圖示在 1250nm 單色光輸出下測試光強短期不穩定性, 光不穩定性由 SInGaAs 輻照度計監測 60 分鐘, 1 小時的不穩定性為 0.09%

在 420nm 單色光輸出下測試光強度短期不穩定性, 光不穩定性由 Si 輻照度計監測 10 小時, 10 小時的不穩定性為 0.1% 圖示

在 1250nm 單色光輸出下測試光強短期不穩定性, 光不穩定性由 SInGaAs 輻照度計監測 10小時, 10小時不穩定性為 0.06% 圖示

圖示為 SG-O 系統的光強衰減器, 光輸出強度可以通過 PC 至少 1000 步分辨率來控制

Probe specifications

Semi-automatic wafer probe •  Wafer size capabilities: 200mm, 150mm,       100mm wafers, and individual chips larger than 1cm x 1cm.
• Wafer processing: Single wafer, manual  loading type.
• Semi-automation: Manual alignment with     step-by-step instructions and automatic stepping.XYZ three-axis platform
XYZ three-axis platform • Chuck XY stage travel: 210mm x 300mm
• Chuck XY stage resolution: Better than 0.5um
• Chuck XY stage accuracy: Better than 2.0um
• Chuck XY stage speed: Slowest: 10  micrometers/second, Fastest: 50 millimeters/second
• Chuck Z stage travel: 50mm
• Chuck Z stage resolution: 0.2umTheta platform Probe holder
Theta platform
  • Theta Stage Travel: ± 5 degrees
  • Theta Resolution: Better than 0.01 degrees
  • Theta Accuracy: 0.1 degrees
  • Chuck flatness: ≤ 10um
  • Chuck thermal operation: -60°C to 200°C
  • Chuck leakage at 25°C: Each voltage ≤ 20fA at 10V bias at 25°C
  • Chuck residual capacitance: ≤ 95fFProbe card
Probe card
  • 探針卡尺寸:4.5 英寸至 8 英寸長
  • 探針卡座與壓板之間的間隙:≥ 7.5mm
Micro chamber
  • EMI 屏蔽:在 1kHz 至 1 MHz 範圍內 ≥ 30dB
  • 系統交流噪聲:≤ 5 mVp -p
Micro positioner
  • Probe card size: 4.5 inches to 8 inches in length
  •  Gap between probe card holder and pressure plate: ≥ 7.5mmMicro chamber
Vibration isolation table

Probe Card Installation Diagram for CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer


Probe Head Image for CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer Inspection

用於 CIS / ALS / 光傳感器晶圓檢測的探針頭圖像

User Manual for Automatic Prober: The SG-O CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer Testing System is integrated with MPI probes.

For more details, you can visit the MPI website. Source:MPI 

The SG-O probe system features a built-in automatic wafer loader, facilitating the loading of CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafers.

The wafer loading and unloading process is straightforward and intuitive for users.

The front section of the loading chamber also integrates a temperature control panel for easy operation.

The SG-O CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer tester also features a manual loading capability, allowing wafers to be loaded manually through the front door.

The front door is equipped with a safety management system that automatically monitors the chuck temperature and prevents the door from being opened during the testing process, ensuring the safety of both the CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafers and the user.

The thermal chuck of the SG-O CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer tester is controlled by an ERS-minimized CDA system, which provides higher efficiency compared to previous systems.
The temperature range of the SG-O CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer tester covers -80°C to 180°C.(depends on the model of the ERS system). Nitrogen purge can be performed by using a separate valve.
For CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer testing, the target temperature ramp rate and stability are excellent, allowing for testing under any extreme conditions, (such as space environments).

The probe card size capability ranges from 4.5 inches to 8 inches in length, as shown in the diagram. The working distance between the DUT (Device Under Test) and the last optical component of the SG-O high uniformity light source exceeds 200mm.




Spectral range: 400nm to 1600nm

Wavelength resolution: < 1nm for the range of 400nm to 1000nm, < 3.5nm for the range of 1000nm to 1600nm

Calibration: NIST traceable calibration certificate

Software features

The operating software for the SG-O system. For precise control of the highly uniform light source, SG-O provides light source system control and light intensity measurement.

It provides Labview functionality palettes and driver/DLL files for each optical component. The software controls the translation stage to facilitate illumination of large parts of the device.

Integrated linkage of the system includes sending/receiving commands such as chip stepping, chip alignment/detection, etc.

SG-O 系統的操作軟件。對於高度均勻光源控制軟件,SG-O 提供光源系統控制和光強測量。提供了各個光學組件的 Labview 功能調色板、驅動程序 / DLL 文件。該軟件控制所述平移台以促進照射大是在零件的設備。集成鏈接的整合包括發送 / 接收命令,例如芯片步進、芯片對齊 / 探測等。

Images of CIS/ALS/optical sensor chips from the SG-O microscope system.

來自 SG-O 顯微鏡系統的 CIS / ALS / 光傳感器晶片圖像

Dimensional diagram and structure

System diagram of the SG-O CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer-level testing system.

The highly uniform light source is controlled by PC-1. The light output is guided through optical fibers to an optical homogenizer to generate a uniform light beam. The microscope and homogenizer are controlled by the automated translation stage of PC-1 for position and functionality switching.

The Prober system is the MPI TS2000, controlled by PC-2.

The position of the chuck table is also controlled by PC-2. The temperature of the thermal chuck can be controlled from -55°C to 180°C, covering most of the IC testing temperature range.

The light intensity is detected and calibrated using an Si photodetector and an InGaAs photodetector with a picoammeter.

 SG O 尺寸  

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