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Ultra High Dynamic Range Standard Light Source

Provide All You Need in CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer Level Testing.

The SL-HDR standard light source system is designed and developed by Light Engine Technology based on multiple international standards for use in the testing of various CMOS camera modules (CCM, CIS Camera Module), including:

  • EMVA 1288
  • IEEE P2020
  • ISO 16505
  • SMIA
  • MIPI

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SL-HDR is highly suitable for performance testing of automotive cameras, with the following system features:

  • Dynamic range (DR) of up to 150 dB (automotive camera DR requirements should be ≥140 dB)
  • Ability to analyze important parameters including quantum efficiency, PRNU, DSNU, dynamic range (DR), SNR, and system gain.
  • Provides multiple interface options: USB, MIPI, Camera Link, Giga-E, etc.
  • Provides standard interface mounts for various automotive cameras and industrial cameras, including C, F, CIS, etc.
  • Temperature control system for temperature testing from -40°C to 80°C (optional).
  • Provides an LED light flicker simulator to simulate various LED flicker situations.
Application Range
  • ADAS mirror camera module
  • Automotive camera module (CCM)
  • Security camera module (CCM)
  • Mobile phone camera module
  • Light Flicker simulator
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