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Environmental Light Sensor High-Resolution Calibration Light Source

Provide All You Need in CIS / ALS / Light-Sensor Wafer Level Testing.

SL-X is a standard light source that can simulate standard indoor/outdoor spectra, with the following features:

  • Can simulate the spectra output of multiple standard light sources
  • High brightness and high dynamic range
  • High precision 16-bits brightness resolution control
  • Intelligent control
  • Applicable for testing and performance measurement of various light sensors.

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1. Simulates Multiple Standard Light Source Spectra

SL-X adopts multi-spectrum light source technology, which can simulate various standard spectra such as D50, cool white light at 4150K, horizontal light, A light source, and more. It can serve as a standard calibration light source for various ALS light sensors.

2. High Luminance and High Dynamic Range

SL-X can provide a luminance output range from 0.1 Lux to 100,000 Lux, with a dynamic range of up to 100 dB. It can provide various ALS light sensors with luminance linearity calibration or testing, meeting the needs of simulating different light environments and scenarios.

3. High-Precision 16-Bits Luminance Resolution Control

SL-X has extremely high luminance output resolution control of 16 bits, achieving an output intensity of ≤ 1 lux. The luminance output change curve can be automatically modulated through a simple software program, enabling rapid simulation of various ambient light source variations.

4. Intelligent Control

SL-X can communicate with various ALS light sensors through Hand-shake or Trigger methods. This enables the automatic completion of ultra-high-precision ALS output calibration curves.

5. Applied to Testing and Performance Measurement of Various Light Sensors

SL-X can be applied to testing and performance measurement of various ambient light sensors, such as under-screen light sensors and under-screen fingerprint recognition devices for anti-interference testing against ambient light, environmental light simulators required for testing LiDAR sensors, automotive cameras, dynamic range parameter testing, and anti-environmental light interference testing.



  • Area of Illumination: 35cm x 35cm
  • Intensity Range: 1 lux~100k lux;1~100,000 lux @6500k
  • Steps: @0.5 lux (low light mode); @1 lux step (100,000 steps) (high intensity mode)
  • Dynamic Range of Output Intensity: 5 orders of magnitude (100dB)
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: 2300k~6500k (adjustable)
  • Linear response testing and calibration of light intensity for various ALS light sensors
  • Linear response testing and calibration of multi-channel spectral color sensors
  • Linear response testing and calibration of TFT light sensors
  • Simulation testing of anti-light interference for FoD under-screen fingerprint recognition modules.
  • Testing of high-sensitivity light-to-frequency converters (light-to-frequency sensors).

Spectral color temperature chart (D50/D65)

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