High collimated light for PDAF measurement

The light source suitable for PDAF testing to assess autofocus accuracy and response time. It allows evaluation of PDAF performance under varying illumination conditions to mimic real-world scenarios. This light source also supports tracking efficiency tests for cameras when capturing moving subjects. Additionally, it aids in verifying the PDAF system’s reliability during continuous shooting and video recording.

  1. PDAF: “This light source is suitable for testing the accuracy and response time of Phase Detection Autofocus.”
  2. BSI: “Provides uniform illumination for evaluating the performance of Back-Side Illumination sensors under various lighting conditions.”
  3. STACKED: “Provides high-intensity light, suitable for evaluating the performance of stacked image sensors under high contrast and high dynamic range conditions.”
  4. ITof: “Provides precise and consistent light, aiding in the evaluation of Indirect Time of Flight sensors in measuring distance and depth information accurately.”
  5. LiDar, dTof, SPAD, siPM: “Provides stable and uniform light sources, ensuring the spectral data collected and analyzed in spectroscopic measurement and imaging applications is accurate and reliable.”
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  • High collimation for precise PDAF testing.
  • Compact and portable for versatile use.
  • Emulates diverse lighting conditions.
  • Stable and consistent for reliable results.


Model No. : SLX-FT-F3070-W

Beam Size: Ø70 mm

Uniformity:30 mm x 30 mm > 95%

Intensity Range:0 ~ 1500 Lux

Min. Resolution : 0.1 Lux

Detailed specifications

Half Divergence Angle: < 1.3 degree (F# = 10)

Color Temperature: 4850K ~ 5500K (TBD±5%)

Beam Size: Ø70 mm

Uniformity: 30 mm x 30 mm > 90%

High Intensity Mode: 900 ~ 1500 Lux

Step: < 5 Lux

Median Intensity Mode: 30 ~ 900 Lux

Step: < 2 Lux

Low Intensity Mode: 0 ~ 30 Lux

Step: < 0.1 Lux

I         ntensity Mode Switch: Software Control

Weight: 1.9kg

Dimensions: 250mm(L) x 140mm(W)

Working Distance: 165mm

DC Control

LED Linearity Optimization Control Module

Response Time:Light Source Turn-on Time: <1 s

Modulation Time After Light Source is On: <200 ms


IPC Controller:

  • Computer
  • LCD Screen
  • Power Supply
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Color Filter: R/G/B

IR cut-filter: CM500S

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